About us

About us

‘The old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this Interregnum, a great variety of morbid symptoms appear’ – Antonio Gramsci, 1930.

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‘Interregnum’ refers to a state between two regimes, two kingdoms, or two historical periods. Almost a century after Gramsci wrote the above lines, we find ourselves, once again, in the time of monsters. In the face of environmental catastrophe, renewed fascist onslaughts, and daunting technological challenges, our imagination seems to have wilted; desperately in need of new, invigorating ideas, our society instead collapses in on itself, in an endless regurgitation of tired slogans and recycled memes.

At Interregnum, we refuse to partake in this carnival of misery. We believe that we can create more, imagine deeper and further, and empower each other. Interregnum is a platform for the radical imagination – the belief that another world is possible, combined with ideas of how to bring it about.

We host pieces on social theory, commentary on current events, news and histories of resistance from around the world, as well as creative projects that expand our imaginations. We aim to create a vibrant and engaging international community, with events and festivals that bring together the virtual and the physical and connect the local with the global. We are 100% autonomous and collectively run, putting our ideas into practice throughout our operations. Most importantly, we are open: we are eager to forge new connections with activists, writers, and artists around the world, and we always welcome new contributions and ideas.

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