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In the middle of 2023, a group of comrades in Glasgow, Vienna, Sheffield, and Leicester decided to relaunch the Interregnum project. Our aim was to create something bigger than just a website or a media platform. We wanted to cultivate the radical imagination. To do this, we decided to connect the physical with the digital and the cultural with the political, while building bridges of solidarity with our networks across the world.

Most importantly, we decided that we would do this independently, without any external funding and in a manner that would be as accessible as possible. We run our website on Servus, joining a network of radical digital infrastructure that directly supports the world we want to create. In addition, rather than relying on social media to attract followers, we chose a subscription-based model to maintain as close a connection as possible to those that choose to read our work.

Poster for the relaunch of Interregnum in Vienna.

We officially relaunched in September 2023, and in the space of just six months we have published more than twenty articles, including interviews, pieces on history, cultural commentary, and social theory. We have also organised three free public events in Glasgow and Vienna, bringing together academics, musicians, and the public in a celebration of our collective power. Our last event, Breaking the Borders Vol. III, also managed to raise more than £300 for Adalah, an organisation working to support the rights of Palestinians living in in the state of Israel.

Posters for the events 'Cops, Capitalism and Culture' and Breaking the Borders Vol. III.

We have big plans this year. Our central collective has expanded, and we have nurtured new connections with comrades and friends who have joined our journey. We have already organised two more Breaking the Borders antifascist hip hop gigs in Glasgow in June and November 2024, and we are working towards announcing a big festival that will combine music, films, and discussions. At the same time, we are continuing to write, find new contributors, and develop ideas for events that are inspiring, empowering and impactful.

Everything we do will always be freely accessible. However, we need your financial support to have money for posters, travel costs, hiring spaces, website hosting and maintenance. We do not make any money from this; everything you contribute goes back into the platform and allows us to organise more events, produce promotional material, and reach more people.

You can support us by donating, paying for a subscription, or updating your free subscription to a paid one. We also need you to spread the word to your friends and acquaintances by sharing our work. Finally, we would love to expand our network of contributors, and encourage anyone who is interested in working with us to email

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