Interregnum will always be 100% independent. But your support goes a long way.

In the two months since the relaunch of Interregnum, we have been humbled and inspired by the support we have received.

During this very short period and without any funding, relying purely on the collective efforts of four people in Glasgow, Sheffield, and Vienna, we have organised three public events, released a dozen articles, and built a platform that we hope will actively contribute to nurturing and rediscovering the radical imagination around the world.

We will always be independent, non-profit, and connected with the communities and movements that inspire us. Nevertheless, your support will allow us to organise more actions, build wider, and contribute more. At its current capacity, our website's running costs come to around £300 a year to stay afloat; posters, events, and other forms of outreach also require resources.

We have added a paid subscription option and a donation button on the website that you can find at the bottom of every page. Regardless of our finances, we will always provide 100% free access to our content, never have a paywall, and always host free events. However, your donation will go a long way in allowing us to continue doing the work that we do.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.